Kender Weapons by Kipper Snifferdoo

There are two types of kender weapons. The ones that end in "-pak" or "-ak" are heavier weapons a are usually used by males. The ones that end in "-pik" and "-ik" are lighter and usually used by female kender.

BATTAK: The battak is a hollowed out club made of a hard wood that is wider at one end than the other. The wider end has a wooden plug that may be flipped upside down and inverted to sport a knife. Which is how it is mainly used. The hollowed portion can hold sling bullets that can be batted at an enemy. The battak can also be shaken like a rattle to create a steady rythm for music.

CHAPAK: The Chapak is a combination hand axe / slingshot / flute. It is hollow shafted axe with finger holes. The head of the axe may be removed to play the flute portion. The handle forms a "V" above the head of the axe where a slingshot can be inserted.

SITHAK: This weapon was originally used as a yoke to carry water buckets. It has now been out fitted with a blade on each end to be used as a double scythe. There is also a curved hook on each end that a string can be tied to to shoot field arrows with. This instrument may be used as a strung instument as well.

HOOPAK: This weapon is a combination spear and staff sling. The end of the weapon is usually sharpened and can be thrown or it can be stuck in the ground to fire missles from the sling portion like a sling shot. It may also be used as a traditional sling staff. The hoopak my be swung around to emit a low thrumming known as a bullroar.

HACHAK: This is the largest of all kender weapons, primarily used by wood cutters. It is a pole arm six feet in length and can be seperated into three 2 foot sections. One end has a hammer spike and piercing beak. The other end is an axe backed by a hammer head and saw blade. The middle is wrapped in a sheepskin that holds up to 6 darts. Metal rings circle the length of the pole in one foot intervals. The rings may be played as chimes by hammering on them.

POLPAK: This is an 8 foot pole that is normally used for spear fishing and pruning trees. one end of the pole has a short sword blade attached to it. The blade may be removed from the end and used as a normal short sword. the pole also holds up to a dozen caltrops.

YOTHAK: The weapon is known as a "Yothak". It is simply a one and a half to two feet-long walking stick with a wooden ball at one end. The other end can be removed, revealing a six inch spike-like blade. The ball can be removed, revealing that it is attached to the stick by a two foot-long strip of leather. The ball is hollowed and filled with small beads, and it creates a whirring sound when spun. Thusly, the yothak can be used musically as a raddle, a device simmilar to a hoopak, or as rythm stick (banging the stick against soemthing).

BOLLIK: This weapon is a bolla / belt. The metal balls hang from a series of quick relase hoops. The bolas are attached to a big metal buckle and can be pulled free with a simple snapping motion. It can be used as a flail or thrown like a bola. This weapon can also be spun in order to emit a high pitched tone.

SASHIK: This weapon is a whip / sash. It is a weighted rope sash of hard wooden beads that is worn across one shoulder. It can be removed and used as a whip to flail and enemy. Or up to a dozen large beads can be removed and thrown.

WHIPPIK: This weapon looks much like a riding whip. It is a thin piece of iron wood with a short length of looped catgut on it's end. It can be used to fire short darts. The whippik can be used as a stringed instrument.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Usage Type Size Speed Damage Damage Instrument
          S/M L 
Hoopak Staff B L 4 D6 D4 Bullroar
  Javelin P L 4 D6 D6  
  Sling(Bullets) B L 11 D4+1 D6+1  
  Sling(Rocks) B L 11 D4 D4  
  Thrown Javelin P L 11 D6 D6  
Battak Club B M 7 D8 D8 Shake Stick
  Sling Bullets B M 8 D4+2 D6+2  
Chapak Axe B/S S 4 D6+1 D4+1 Flute
  Sling(Bullets) B L 11 D4+1 D6+1  
  Sling(Rocks) B L 11 D4 D4  
Sithak Scythe P/S M 3 2D4 2D6 Strung Inst.
  Firing Arrows P M 6 D4+2 D4+1  
Hachak Pole Axe P/S M 8 2D4+1 2D6+1 Chimes
  Beak as Hammer B S 4 2D4 2D6  
  Throwing Darts P S 2 D4 D4  
Yothak Club B M 4 D6 D3 Raddle
  Morning Star P/B M 6 D6+2 D6+1  
  Stabbing with Spike P M 3 D4+1 D6+1  
Bollik Flail B M 6 D4+2 D3+2 Spun for Tone
  Bolla B S 8 D4 D3  
Sashik Flail B M 5 D6+1 D4+1 Shake Stick
Whippik Whip P/S M 4 D2+2 2 Strung Inst.
  Shooting Darts P S 2 D4+1 D6+1  

Missle weapon Range
Weapon Usage ROF S M L
Hoopak Staff Sling*(Bullets) 2/1 - 30-60 90
  Staff Sling*(Stones) 2/1 - 30-60 90
  Thrown Javelin 1 20 40 60
NOTE -- for darts, use stats in PHB
* - The Hoopak can be planted in the ground to increases range by 20 feet. This also doubles the speed factor
Thanks to Stripey for compiling the weapon tables.

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