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Well,ItsASillyLittlePouchThatHasSomeBrownLeatherButIs StillMostleyBlackAndRedAlthoughThereWasNoRedWhenWeMadeItItWasSupposedToBeBrownAndBlackWithNo
RedOOWWWW! Thanks, I needed that. It has writing that says "Pouchofgeniesthatcankillandhurt" on it. I sometimes lapse into Gnomish.

History: WeMadeItByAccidentUsTheTwelveGnomesAndMeThe OnlyHumanOf (oops) Gnomes Commitee for study of magic
(Now the Gnomes Commitee for stuff that kills)

How it Works: It summons up a whole bunch of genies that suck you into the bottle and make you a genie(There were once two humansonthecouncil(Aack) nut my partener became the genie. So far there are also three Gnomish Genies(Part of the Council for Destroying Potentially Lethal Objects) and two Elven Genies.(Justpassingbystanders)

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