The kender pouch of multiplication
donated by Hairbristle thunderhop

It is a purple pouch.

History: It was found by a great kender, who I
can't remember his name, THe kender opened the pouch and another
one of himslef popped out. he did this several times and had around 6
to7 of him running around.

How it Works: The Pouch simply make copys of the user. these copies last
5d10 hours THe pouch can only make 30 copies of 1 kender.
If one dies 30 still come out the next time, the pouch can be used an
unlimited # of times aday as long as less then 30 kenders are out.
It only works with kenders, any other race that uses it, the user is
turned into a kender and must like act a kender for 1d20 + 1d4 years.

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