The Wonderful Pouch of Sunshine Eternal
donated by Rian Nettlebranch

A medium-sized pouch, made of shiny golden silk and tied with a golden twine. When held, it appears that the pouch holds a ball of soft yarn about the size of two kender-fists.

History: Before the Cataclysm, the pouch was the property of a daring vampire-hunter named Val Husling of Tarsis. Among his many talents was the use of magic (although nobody knows if he had ever been a full-time mage), and it is told that he created the pouch in order to destroy those evil creatures of the dark. As it happened, one night a traveling kender named Esnephie Sheersock has encountered Val Husling while the latter have been using the magical pouch. Esnephie was immediately taken with the idea that he could now test the new sundial he had found to see if it was functioning. So he borrowed the pouch, but by the time he had finished using it (around eleven fifteen pm, according to the sundial), the vampire-hunter wasn't to be seen anywhere. Esenphie pocketed the pouch in order to seek Van Husling out and return it to him, but the two never met again. Bad luck, too, because Van Husling sure could have used the pouch the next time he met a vampire, which was, coincidentally, the last time anyone had seen him.

How it Works: The pouch contains a ball of yellow wool that have been affected with a powerful continuous light spell. The pouch is magically designed to seal the spell within. Once the twine is released and the pouch is opened, a ray of light is allowed to shine through the mouth of the pouch, creating a floodlight as bright as mid noon sun. The light can be directed wherever the mouth of the pouch is turned, and lasts until the pouch is closed again. The light doesn't have the same effects as the original continuous light spell - it acts like ordinary sunlight, which means it can be used against creatures who are damaged by sunlight. It can also be used for illumination, tanning, drying wet clothes and creating silhouette-shows. No other items can be placed in the pouch, nor can the ball of wool be removed from it.

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