The Magic Bags of Eternal Blue Marbles
donated by Shentrin Burrfoot

It's a light blue pouch.

History: No one knows. It's been around forever.

How it Works: Well, the magic bags of eternal Blue marbles are mine (and anyone elses, if I give some away.) As soon as you get one, you'll find it's ALWAYS full of blue marbles, and it multiplies to fill all of the space on an outfit!!! Well, every single one I give away, means another person has eternal marbles! Some humans think it's cursed, though, because once you get it, you can't get rid of it unless you waste a wish spell! Well, that's not for me! I'll keep my blue marbles, and wish for some more marble games. P.S. All of the marbles are slightly different (but all are BLUE!!!) Shentrin Burrfoot, Keeper of the eternal bags of Blue Marbles. P.S.S. I think the Marbles are sentiant (a mage told me that). Well, I don't know about sentiant, but they can talk if they want to (which isn't often, and is only to Kender).

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