The Padfoot BackPack of Holding!
donated by Nolan Ruthidord Mudskipper

It looks like a normal backpack, but it always looks brand new.

History: I got a wish from a magic being on a mountain called a Ki-rin, and i wished for it!

How it Works: It Can hold anything! (Exept stuff that can't fit, like a house or sumfin. But people and animals and items ect. can! And it's indestructable! And water proof! Can a person go inside it? Yes, a person can go inside. Can you live in it? It's like another world inside, except there's no gravity and no land, water, life, ect. But you can't live in it, because if stay in for more than your level in hours (say your level 5, you can only stay in for 5 hours before getting trapped.)you can't get out, unless taken out. When your looking for something does it automatically come to the top? It has unlimited space. And, when your looking for somthing in specific it is easy to find, you can just pull it out easily.

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