Gnomish Pouch of Flasks
donated by Thistledown Kendergnome

It appears as a standard pouch, with the emblem of the Gnomish Brewers Guild on it.

History: The Gnomish Brewers Guild had a large number of these made by a Gnomish Mage who happened to be visiting and is still in their employ. To purchase one of these pouches, one must simply find a branch office of the Gnomish Brewers Guild, and pay the cost of a normal pouch and an extra steel for the Mage's efforts. Also, it will work no matter how many times it has changed hands.

How it Works: The mage was particularly skillful, and made it so that a person has only to place their hand in the pouch and think of a drink, and a flask of the size desired will appear in the pouch. Note that the cost of the drink and flask most be in the pouch for this to work, which are magically removed to the vault of the Brewers guild when the flask appears. Also, the pouch will expand to accomodate larger quantities of beverages, and then return to its original size when the flask is removed.

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