Spoonhanger's Neato Pouch
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

This small pouch is made of a purple leather (supposedly a displacer beast's hide) and glows a little. when you put something in it, the thing you put in tepelorts (that means it moves, but not by moving) into another one of your pouches (chosen randomly.) This becomes useful when you can't decide which pouch to put something in, because it chooses dor you.

History: Haplo said that it was "a curs-ed spawn of evil that breeds in the pits and pools of the abyss itself!" I think he just said that because as soon as I put it on, I changed into 10 foot kender with bat wings and teeth. Dont worry I'm alright now, back to my old self.

How it Works: Plus, if you spin it around your head real fast, then say the magic words (Puwon Bralf,) It tepelorts itself to your belt and fastens itself there. the obvious advantage to this is if you are tied up by goblins who are about to eat you, and you need to put the pouch back on your belt (but you can't 'cuz you're tied up) you just swing it around your head and say the magic words.

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