The Kender-proof Pouch
donated by Palin W

Although it's called a "pouch," it can actually be any form of container, including, but not limited to: backpacks, sacks, packs, pouches, and other similar things.

History: This item is one that just about every kender dreads ever coming across. The first one was manufactured by a wizard who got fed up with trying keep kenders' hands out of his belongings. While he wasn't a "bad" man (he was actually a white-robe), he did invent this item (for which every other race is indebted to him for). After he made the first one, he began to recieve orders from all over. Since he couldn't keep up with the demand, he got a few apprentices and taught them how to create these items. After his workshop mysteriously burned down, his apprentices went out into the world, creating these items every now and then. Only about 600 of these were ever created before the workshop, with about a dozen or so new ones appearing each year.

How it Works: Basically, it's kender-proof. Impossible as that may sound, it's true. If a kender (or a person with kender blood) sticks his hand in the pouch, it immediately seals itself tightly around the kender's hand. The hand remains stuck in the pouch until the pouch's owner opens it and releases the trapped kender. Should the kender actually try to remove the pouch from the owner's belt (or wherever the owner carries it on his/her person), it begins to shriek "THIEF!" until the kender releases it. Any attempt to magically remove the pouch have the same result, only with the addition of the word "CUTPURSE" suddenly appearing on the offending kender's forehead in bright blue letters. (Note: because of the magic of the pouch, it cannot be removed from its owner's person by any kender whose hand [s} is[are} already trapped in it.) However, these pouches aren't proof against thieves of other races, so the owner still must be on the lookout for real thieves. Interestingly enough, kender can own and use these pouches as well. If the owner of the pouch is a kender, then the owner (and ONLY the owner) is exempt from its effects. However, since the majority of kender believe in community property, most kender don't use these. Those that do tend to be less warmly recieved by their fellows (- 2 to all rolls involving Cha with other kender). The owner is identified by his name stitched in bright blue letters somewhere on the pouch's outside. If ownership of the pouch should be transfered through any means, the previous owner's name vanishes and is replaced by the name of the new owner.

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