Pouch of Prophecies
donated by Liggithhigle Sweetcandy

It looks REALLY interesting... but all pouches do so, don't they? This one is an old-looking leather pouch with somewhat illegible writings on it. I swear they are magical marks. See the line here? I think this one represents the tail of an ancient dragon. And that one, doesn't it look like the mark on Raist's book? What? Oh yes, there are some stones and bones and nicely colored feathers in it.

History: It once belonged to a wizardess called Shariuan. She dropped it but didn't notice that. Lucky that I found the pouch. I meant to give it to her but she was very busy and I didn't want to disturb her so I decided to carry it for sometime then give it back. She would be pleased to see me help her but I somehow lost her. You know, she suddenly disappeared and never showed up again.

How it Works: Well, this is really exciting. When Shariuan had the pouch, she threw these stones and bones and all that stuff out and claimed that she saw the future through them. When I got the pouch, of course, I tried the same thing. It works!!! Whenever I throw all these things out, I feel some whispering voices in my head, they tell me the next interesting thing I will come accross. Moreover, they tell me WHERE I will find them. It is nice to know if there are some nice things in your companions' posession but they forget to tell you about them.

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