The Pouch I Borrowed
donated by Kaodi

A smallish pouch with a cord pull string, it closely resembles many other kender pouches.

History: After stumbling upon a kender whos pouches had been confiscated by the local authorities for being trouble, powerful mage decided he would make the poor soul a magical pouch that could not be stolen. The inside of the pouch he made to be much, much larger than it looked, and it was so large that the mage would of been able to stand in in should he be able to get into the pouch. Several days after parting ways, the kender met up with an old friend of his. They told each other stories and eventually parted ways. Later that day, when the kender went to get something from his new pouch, he found that it was missing. He didn't mind though, he knew his friend had likely just borrowed it for awhile.

How it Works: Due to the fact that the pouch is unstealable, the chances of it being found on anyone but a kender are highly unlikely. The pouch has a way of suggesting to its current owner when someone is trying to trick them into giving it away, when they aren't really just wanting to borrowing it.

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