Kender Pouch of Holding
donated by Jon Phillips

These enchanted pouches come in many sizes and forms. For the most part,they are larger than average pouches, are totally normal in appearance. The outside of the pouch is entirely non-magical, and an ability granting detection of magic will show only magic streaming out from the part of the pouch that opens. (much like a normal pouch with continual light cast inside it, in a misty room)

History: Speculation on the origin of these items is probably pointless, as early records date their use as early as 1700 PC. However, some information can be pieced together. Said early records originated in Balifor, and were relocated to Kendermore shortly following the cataclysm. While powerful magic was more common in that era than today, mages powerful enough to create such items were still a rarity. One such mage, a master of the white robes named Allainic, is rumored to have been driven mad in an attempt to pry information from an extraplanar being. After making quite a mess of the tower of high sorcery in what is now known as the Ruins, Allainic was last seen walking unsteadily to the south. Scattered, garbled reports of a mage traveling through Ansalon with a party of Kender can be found in the remnants of the great library at Mt. Nevermind. However, the likelihood of an insane magic user creating not just one, but dozens of functional and stable enchanted items is so low, this theory can likely be dismissed.

How it Works: Kender Pouches of Holding are in many ways similar to normal bags of holding. Each bag is actually a small portal to a minuscule extraplanar space, which can be used for storage. However, the Kender pouches of holding differ in this respect - every pouch is a portal to the same tiny plane. (note - tiny compared to natural planes of existence. The actual size of the plane has not been calculated, but has been accumulating items for thousands of years - and isn’t full yet) Any item placed in the pouch is therefore liable to be removed from another pouch - possibly thousands of miles away. Also, once an item has been put into the pouch, the owner of it has no more chance of retrieving it than of pulling out any of the other items in it. Therefore, these items are shunned by almost all races. (I bet you can guess which one doesn’t…)

Specific Rules: (Note to DMs - an item like this can unbalance a campaign if not treated reasonably. Use of good judgment and the occasional appallingly painful consequence should keep things under control.)

Several things can be done with a Kender Pouch of Holding

  1. The user can make a random grab from it. -Under ideal circumstances, use the Kencyclopedia’s excellent pouch list, with some restraint.

    -Make it up. This is always your choice - if the PC kender keeps digging around at inopportune times, feel free to give him a three foot long catfish, which then clomps on to his head. -If you need some help, follow these guidelines: Roll 1d4.
    1- A bad/harmful item
    2- A boring/useless item
    3- An interesting/useful item
    4- A good/helpful item
    Then roll percentiles to ‘fine tune’ (at this point, it is again necessary to use some creative license) A 1-01 might be a sphere of Annihilation, a 4-99 might be a Holy Avenger sword +5. Or the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch. Or an uzi.

  2. They can specifically look for an item. Roll percentiles.
    01-10 Exact opposite. (i.e. want a torch, get a darkness 15’ spell)
    11-25 Opposite, but not harmful (want a dagger, get a pillow)
    26-75 Roll for a random grab (see above)
    76-95 Roughly what the Kender was looking for
    96-00 Something even better (want a torch, get a flashlight)

    Appropriate modifiers can be implemented for such things as the kender’s level, the relative rarity of the item, and the probability that a kender somewhere would actually put the item into his pouch. (Items bigger than the area of the pouch’s mouth cannot be removed)

  3. They can use the pouch for a quick getaway. This only applies to pouches with an opening AT LEAST wide enough for the kender’s head and one of their arms. A successful dex. Check (not a problem for most kender) is required to squeeze inside. However, they will then not be able to get out until another Kender opens another Pouch of Holding and they get to it before it closes! The interior of the pouch is 0-g, with a normal atmosphere and a whole lot of stuff floating around.
  4. They can attempt to trap an enemy inside it. This is obviously very powerful, but does not come without it’s drawbacks. For one, only creatures of T size or smaller can be trapped. An attack roll vs. their unarmored AC, with +5 to thaco is necessary. Also, creatures removed in this manner are neither killed nor defeated - so no experience points are gained. Also, there is always the chance that you will pull them out sometime in the future! There’s a good chance that they’ll remember you…
  5. They can try to turn it inside out. You’ve got to be pretty sick to try something like this. Roll 1d100. On 1-95, everything within a 30 foot radius of the pouch (EVERYTHING - stone floors, air, enemies - basically takes a spherical chunk out of the plane) is immediately transported to the plane within the pouch. At the same moment, 1d100 items from inside the plane are transported to wherever the pouch was. The pouch itself is still where it was. The kender who was holding it takes 1d8 damage from it being roughly ripped from his hands. On 95-00 the pouch detonates, disintegrating (as spell) everything within a 30 foot radius. The pouch itself is utterly destroyed, and every other Kender pouch of holding discharges 1d20 items as the plane is reduced by some 10 000 square feet.

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