Flute of Kender Attraction
donated by Corynna Skylark

The Flute of Kender Attraction is a silver and platinum mixed flute. Dangling from the footjoint are three wooden charms. One is a small, kender-shaped charm. The second is a hoopak, and the third is a face laughing maniacally.

History: No one knows where this item came from, though stories claim that Chaos Himself, before being contained in the Graygem, created the item as a joke against Ansalon and the other gods.

How it Works: When played, the flute attracts all kender within hearing distance. If there are no kender in the area, the flute will magically summon the number of kender equal to 4 + character's wisdom modifier, at which point all the kender will begin telling stories. If the kender are not gotten rid of within 1d5 rounds (non-attack), all characters in the party will be missing three random items and their underwear.

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