donated by Kaysal Mosstune

It is a magical ball, about the size of a kender's fist, and has a small platform. There are a number of small buttons covering it. The ball iteslf is a grayish blue, but the buttons are a variety of colors.

History: It was made when four wizards with a passion for music and love of humor, three white and one red, were bored. They decided to create a magical instrument that was simple to learn how to play. At the time, they were in a room in the Tower of Wayreth. Being pleased with their creation, they made one for each of them, and at least eleven for other music-loving wizards.

How it Works: Each button represents a diferent note. Just say the magic word (quickfizzliciousnidipitopherous) and it will activate. Then, you press the buttons and the notes play accordingly.

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