Poker's Flute of Wind Dancing
donated by Pokerstickleaf Dragonsbane

It appears to be a normal flute.

History: It was created by Pockerstickleaf.

How it Works: Allows any who use it can play this flute with at least proficient skill the proficient receive a -2 bonus to checks. User can use one of the following by playing the correct tune 1/day: Otto's irresistable dance (lasting as long as the flautist plays), chaos, polymorph other, emotion - (any), charm monster, domination, control or summon weather, and transforming tune (user chooses effect). Saving throws versus the flutes powers are at -4 and are as if cast by a 17th level mage a proficient user lowers the saves to -6, and a critical success on the check indicates -8 to the save critical failure is impossible. It has +7 to its item saving throws and it is AC1. Non-kender and non-fey who use the flute must save versus spells also to avoid being affected by their own music.

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