donated by Wyrbender

Two, handsized, grey, similiar shaped, igneous stones.

History: Was discovered by one very intelligent Gullydwarf named Bumkin when he saw a rat, and picks up a stone to hunt it with...then he saw two rats (actually two, not a gullydwarf "two") and picked up a second stone. Bumkin kinda got depressedwhen the rats didn't hang around to be slain, he slumped his arms dejectadly, accidently slamming the two rocks together, creating a surprising sound. Getting carried away, he started bashing the rocks together until his finger got between them, at which point he started hopping up and down yelling in pain. (Thus inventing the first gullydwarf music, dance, and song)

How it Works: Makes a harmonic sound when clashed together. If right stones are found, can also make a light show by setting the gullydwarf musician on fire, from the sparks created.

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