The Kender Death Trumpet
donated by Qualeen Thrippleknot

The Kender Death Trumpet looks much like an ordinary trumpet. It is black with green poka dots. The valves are almost completely invisible to anyone other than a Kender. Kender can see every part of the trumpet with ease, but other races must closely look at it to tell what it is. This leads to many people thinking the Kender is quite insane-even more so than usual.

History: The Kender Trumpet Death Trumpet was made from the strongest metals brought from the center of the earth and strenghten by powerful magics. It was made by 5 Kenders who actually became mages, and another mostly insane mage-who did the real work.

How it Works: The Kender Death Trumpet only works for Kender. Each valve has a different function. 1st valve-This valve, when pressed, shoots tiny deathly posionous darts in random directions. 2nd valve-This valve, when pressed, will immediatly summon forth a greater pit fiend somewhere within 100 miles of the Kender, the pit fiend is magically charmed and will travel at maximum speed towards the Kender, at which time it will scream and disappear back to the underworld. 3rd valve-This valve, when pressed, will activate a shield around the Kender. Nothing can pass in or out of this shield. The shield cannot be moved. The shield shimmers and blinds every creatures within 50 miles. The Kender will complain loudly-as a side effect.

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