The Lute of Chaos
donated by Hannah Halfhaven

It looks quite simple really! It's just like any ordinary lute 'cept it's got silver and gold strings and it's got this interesting little symbol made of pearl inlaid in the bottom.

History: I'm not really sure where it came from, I guess some bard dropped it in a brawl, I probably picked it up for safe keeping.

How it Works: It makes people and things act really really strange! I played it when I went to Mount Never mind and it made my friend Gnoxli, he's a gnome, drop his tools and go take a nap! It also made my friend ThizzleBoffer KenderKin, he's a kender, go through his pouches and give back everything he'd erm . . . borrowed back to people! It also made this really mean hobgoblin apologize to me for trying to kill me and then he prayed for forgivness and left! Isn't it neat!

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