Throwing Maracas of Hypnotism
donated by stephen

A pair of small and thick maracas that are light brown decorated with red ink. The decorations are mostly lines circling the maracas, much like easter egg decorations. The handles are blue.

History: They began as normal maracas. A kender bard discovered them in a cave in Afreka, and as soon as he saw how thick they were he recognized their incredible potential for being thrown at people. His aim had never been good, though, and people dodged them easily--once someone picked one back up and threw it at the kender, making an easily visible lump on his head. Eventually, the bard had them enchanted to make the target so transfixed with wonder that he couldn't move to dodge them. Unfortunately, later he discovered that he had botched his spellcasting while enchanting one of them.

How it Works: One maraca--the one that was well- enchanted--makes the target have a saving throw vs. spell (this is modified for wisdom, but what would normally be a bonus actually becomes a penalty for this saving throw, and vice versa!). If the saving throw fails, the target is hypnotized and the maraca automatically hits him (its stats: 1 lb, small, bludgeoning, speed factor 2, damage S-M 1d4+1 L 1d3). The target becomes unhypnotized once the maraca hits. If the saving throw is successful, the target merely has a -4 penalty applied to his armor class for purposes of determining whether or not he avoided the maraca. The other maraca doesn't work quite as well. As soon as it is thrown, the target is immediately charmed, as of the /charm person/ spell. Unfortunately, he becomes uncharmed as soon as the maraca hits him (of course, the thrower could get lucky and the victim could be charmed and then the maraca misses). It's impossible to tell which maraca is which.

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