Kender Bongo of Amazing Power
donated by Fizban Trapspringer

It is a bongo, but glows with a bright green light.

History: It came from Istar. It was made by a kender drum seller, who tricked the Kingpriest into enchanting it. Many kender utilized it's incredible power making themselves strangly popular. It was lost when Istar wasa destroyed, but many kender still search for it in the blood sea. It has never been recovered. Ever. It has never been seen since the Cataclysm and many believe it is just a legend.

How it Works: If succesful it will permanently raise a kender's Charisma by 1d2 points(WOW!) But it doesnt come w/out flaws. there is a 65% chance of failure with a -5% bonus per level of user. After it is used it is unusable by that kender forever. Also any other unfortunate kender who shares the same name as one who used it, recieves a -20% penalty when trying to use this bongo. To use a kender just pounds on it loud enough for ebveryone near him to hear.

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