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It's a lute-like instrument with about three dozen knobs and puller-ma-jinks all over. **pronounced Qual-lick-all-wink-e-dunk-mac-wit-de- jinky-tinker-mink-inn-pook-sap. (named by a gully dwarf who was told to repeat what the kender said it was) The kender said: Quali look at all the winkerdunk's with the jinkytinker's, almost better than a hoopak.

History: It's made with a Vallenwood shell, in which a tinker gnome built the contraption over and inside it. But not at the same time, mind you, I'm pretty sure he made the pully-majinks before the winkyloo's cause then he would'nt of been able to fit the clicker-naks. But anyway like I was saying...Calm Down Fergensmil! I was just looking at it! I know, I know, it's your stuff... Give me a chance to put it back, here... Ok... so, it was made for the richest bard ever, Erik FrillRith, he was however, growing old and his voice creaky and...old like. So he had it enchanted by a powerful wizard. He told the wizard to cast a spell on it that allows it to "sing", he said to seek out all voices on Krynn, from maidens to minotuars. So the mage did just that, then one day he ran across, my good friend, Githbill Frugletoss. yep! he was a kender! Your a smart dwarf... Anyway, the kender began to sing his trailsong, but the lute burned and sizzled, and all the turny-knobs used to control the voices flew out of mix, the kender's voice was so wretched the machine malfunctioned.

How it Works: Ever since it's creation, it was made to control various tones and pitches from all over, when Erik the Bard got it, all it did was release a horrible screech, like a thousand beaten harpies, he said. So the mage tossed it away, hoping someone would buy it for it's torture value, but then his comrad, Trifflemilk Durgenknick, a kender, picked it up and strummed his heart out, it was the most buetiful sound ever, he feel in love with it, so the end, gotta' go, thanks for the axe, buh-bye!!! (scurry) (scurry) *** any race besides kender will be driven back by this "it" of a instrument. causing 2d20 to anything still willing to charge at the sound. If it is played around a crowd of kender, or in the range of any kender, they will drift off into a dreamy state, or frenzy and mosh among thier comrads, or break dance, it depends on the DM. Roll 1d4 to determine: a roll of 1 or 2 means the kender cannot attack that round, or for that matter until the music stops, a roll of a 3 or 4 means the kender goes into a "mosh" or "break-out" where he can deal as much damage as the DM allows, try to add the kender's charisma into the factor. And there "it" is... (Kipper your site rules)

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