Dalamar the Dark VS Drizzt DoUrden

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Dalamar the Dark

234 Votes

Race: Silvanesti, Dark Elf
Class: Uber-Wizard
God: Nuitari
Birth Place: Silvanesti (A city full of uptight, xenophobic elves.)
Lover: Jenna, a Red-Robed fiery temptress
Greatest Enemy and Ally: Raistlin
Adventure: Had to deal with a world of trouble from the power of the Greygem.

Drizzt DoUrden

196 Votes

Race: Drow Elf
Class: Uber-Fighter
God: Mielikki
Birth Place: Menzoberranzan (A city full of power-hungry, psychotic elves.)
Lover: Cattie-Brie, a Red-Haired fiery beauty
Greatest Enemy and Ally: Zaknafein
Adventure: Had to deal with a world of trouble from the power of the Crystal Shard.

Drizzt looked up and down the passageway, his lavender eyes glowing in the darkness. The caverns were unfamiliar to the drow elf. It wasn't that he had never seen them before, but it was the fact that the very earth itself seemed strange. He had been underground for most of his life and had an intimate knowledge of the stone beneath the Dragonspine Mountains. This earth was much different. It seemed rich in ore and the soil had a reddish tint to it. He had just been ambushed by a group of drown seeking his head, for any number of reasons. When the Mother Matron opened a gate spell Drizzt was drawn into it and transported to this place. Wherever "this" was. One thing he knew for sure. The evil drown priestess would never transport him somewhere safe. So the warrior crouched down and waited. He heard nothing either way along the passage, but he felt something... magic perhaps. He would have to act quick if he wanted to save his life. This he knew for sure.

Dalamar the Dark was studying by a warm fire. It was one of the few chances he had gotten to break away from the newly opened Tower of High Sorcery. He had been working night and day since the gods had returned to make sure the orders were growing and protected from outside threats. A number of assassins from unknown enemies had been plaguing him since the towers re-opening. Within the tower he was safe, but outside the tower he had to rely on his own defenses. This underground lair was only known to the dark elf alone. That was why the magical alarm that sounded in his ears surprised the black robe wizard. He knew just where the intruder was waiting and he prepared a number of spells to protect himself. Then he picked up a few wands and a staff and proceeded to meet the individual that would dare sneak into the home of one of the most powerful wizards on Krynn.

Drizzt continued down a tunnel and heard soft footsteps ahead. He melted into the shadows and waited for whoever it was to appear. What he didn't expect was the roar of sound as the corridor bust into flames. The heat rolled over the drow as he rolled away from the worst of the blast. He faced off against a wizard elf in black-robes who said. "You have picked the wrong elf to irritate creature." Dalamar started speaking words of magic as Drizzt leapt forward to prevent the spell from going off.

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