Billee Belladonna Juniper VS Lidda

This Rumble ended on 2004-02-21 00:00:00.0.

Billee Belladonna Juniper

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Race: Kender
Favorite Possession: Silver jar with a matching knife. Funny 'cause kender rarely have any matching stuff.
Favorite Adventure: Finally arriving to Hylo and seeing the crashed citadel that kender originally came there with and exploring it's remains.
Best Friend: Cleareyes
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: Truesilver the magical cat.
Favorite Quote: "Why don't you sit down and have something to eat?"
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Your glass or my glass?
Favorite color: Deep Purple.
Describe where you live: Hylo, the current kender capital on Ansalon. I'm the leader there you know.


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Race: Halfling
Favorite Possession: Rope of Climbing
Favorite Adventure: Do I have to choose just one?!?
Best Friend: Mialee (she’s not bad for a wizard)
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: Name something I haven’t.
Favorite Quote: "You haven’t met the best, until you’ve met me."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: What glass?
Favorite color: Brown and grey.
Describe where you live: Lately of Newcoast, but willing to live wherever adventure takes me.

She would not be killed so easily. The mirror that the assassin gave her had magically transported her into this odd realm of fog and darkness. Belladonna waited patiently for the attack. She wasn’t sure when it would arrive, but she knew that it was inevitable. What other reason would that true kender have for shoving this magical mirror in her face and trapping her here other than to get rid of her. She knew the Windseeds wanted to rule Hylo again they reminded her of it every day. But she never considered they would stoop to something as crude as a magical trap. Lately it seems that everyone had been out to get her. She heard the whispers she knew that the other kender thought she had finally gone over the deep end. But she knew better. She had to keep her people safe and to do that she would have to remain alive. Lidda wondered if the magical trap she had been working on had transported her here. Sure she had suffered mishaps before, but most of the time things just blew up in her face. This time it seemed as if she had been teleported into a pocket dimension. Most wizards were so unoriginal t seemed. Just defeat the monster and you can be set free. That was how most of these traps worked. Just as she expected, there was a figure in the mist. It almost looked like her and for a moment she thought it might be an alternate dimension where she might have to fight herself. But that moment was fleeting as the figure sprung to attack. The two women began to battle for their life.

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