Delbin Knotwillow VS Regis Rumblebelly

This Rumble ended on 2004-02-14 00:00:00.0.

Delbin Knotwillow

85 Votes

Race: Kender
Favorite Possession: Adventure Notebook
Favorite Adventure: Once my friend and I fought against Galen Dracos.. well sort of anyway I fought him, while Kaz handled the stone dragon... kind of he was really more like a shadow.. let me see how that story went again...
Best Friend: Kaz the Minotaur
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: Kaz's battle-axe.
Favorite Quote: "Take a breath Delbin." Well I don't say it but my friend Kaz does... often actually.
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Hey, you know I made a sketch of that glass in my notebook, let me see which it was... wow, that's not my notebook I wonder where it came from though...
Favorite color: Minotaur red brown
Describe where you live: Here and there, but mostly there.

Regis Rumblebelly

15 Votes

Race: Halfling (Hairfoot)
Favorite Possession: Full stomach.
Favorite Adventure: Fleeing to Icewind Dale.
Best Friend: Drizz't Do'Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer.
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: Pasha Pook's magical ruby pendant.
Favorite Quote: "I do not swim."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Just keep pouring until it's full. Great. Now bring another glass and keep pouring.
Favorite color: Gold. Silver too.
Describe where you live: In sunny Calimport before I was chased out of there.

Regis had been tracking the thief for 3 days now. Normally he would invite Drizzit or Bruenor along but this time he felt something had had rarely felt in the past a sense of responsibility. It was all his fault. If he hadn’t bet the Gem and then tried to use it when he lost the bet he wouldn’t be in this predicament. That Delbin Knottwillow fellow was one of the best con-artists he had ever met. The strange looking halfling acted innocent and cheerful ALL the time and there was just something “off” about it. He should have known from his initial meeting with this Delbin that something wasn’t quite right about him. Tales of befriending monsters and stone dragons seemed a bit far-fetched. Regis silently crept over the rocky outcropping. Ah ha there his is, he thought. He looked down into a shallow valley at the cheery campfire that was burning below. A lone figure sat next to it. What a fool, Regis thought, he’s not even trying to hide. I thought he reacted strangely when I tried to use the Gem on him to control his mind, maybe he doesn’t have one. He chuckled to himself. Delbin had been having a tough time of it of late. He had lost his companion Kaz and stumbled into what seemed to be an unknown land. The first person he had met had been friendly enough, but since then things had all gone down hill. He was seeing phantasms in his mind. He had been hurt and attacked by something, he wasn’t sure what because the figure had looked like his Aunt Doublethumb. Now he was not scared, but he decided to swing his hoopak first and ask questions later until he had sorted it all out. He absent mindedly stroked the Gem he had found after he met that nice Regis fellow. It was a shame he had dropped it. Just then he felt a presence behind him and as he looked up he saw Galen Dracos attempting to club him over the head! Regis snuck up and was just about to knock-out the thief when Delbin turned around and looked up at him. Already set on his course and determined to get his Gem back the halfling continued to press his attack.

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