Blister Vera Jay Nimblefingers VS Olive Rustkettle

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Blister Vera Jay Nimblefingers

77 Votes

Race: Afflicted Kender
Favorite Possession: Glove collection
Favorite Adventure: Rescuing Gilthanas
Best Friend: Feril
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: Magically trapped container that ruined my hands.
Favorite Quote: 'If I were you, I'd listen to Fiona. She's awfully good with that sword. And I'm getting pretty good at playing with fire."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: "I can't see, it's in Raphs' backpack."
Favorite color: Red as roses.
Describe where you live: Nowhere now that that terrible Malys has destroyed my home.

Olive Rustkettle

60 Votes

Race: Halfling (Hairfoot)
Favorite Possession: Harper Pin
Favorite Adventure: Discovering twelve exact duplicates of my friend Alias in the Citadel of the White exile.
Best Friend: Jade More
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: The Wyvern's Spur
Favorite Quote: "Never neglect your art, Olive-girl."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Well it doesn't matter much, but when it's half-full of ale I'll sing you a song and when it's half-empty I'll tell you a tale.
Favorite color: Russet
Describe where you live: The realm of Cormyr where the people are brave enough to face any hazard as long as they can get to their local tavern at the end of their journey.

Blister couldn’t believe Malystryx had sent assassins after her! Sure she had spoiled the Red Mauraders plans for godhood. Sure she was a friend with some of the Heroes of the Heart, but had she really “done” anything? Was she really a threat to anyone? No, of course not. She was just little old Blister. Just trying to stay out of the way. In the past couple months she had managed to escape two attacks on her life. Her normal paranoia had risen to intolerable levels. She was jumping at shadows, and rightfully so. It had served her well so far.

She should have just stayed home, locked away inside from the rest of the world, but an urgent message had come saying that Fiona was in trouble and needed to speak to her. Always willing to help out a friend Blister packed the letter in one of her pouches and started off out of town.

Olive couldn’t believe the stroke of bad luck she was having. A week ago she had made the mistake of pinching the purse from some fat pidgin outside the Mice and Mince tavern. By the time she realized the pouch had a magical symbol it was too late. She had been whisked away into a cage in some dark lab. For almost a week she waited with nothing more than the trickling water that fell from walls of the cage.

Then a figure in pitch black robes with creepy glistening skin and hourglass eyes grabbed her and led her from the cage. Week from hunger she nearly cried when she was given a hot meal. As her strength returned she began contemplating escape. But she did not need to wait long. Before she knew it that unwelcome feeling of traveling by magic set her stomach turning and she found herself on a roadside. She retched up the fine meal she had just finished and rolled over to breath the cool night air. It was evening and the sun was setting and on road below she saw a lone traveler. She decided that one way or another that person was going to help her.

Blister hurried along, but knew she would have to travel at least an hour after dark to get there. Unwilling to stop and camp she continued on. Whistling a kender tune quietly to herself. Then she heard something and her defenses came up. Continuing to whistle as if she hadn’t heard a thing Blister picked up the pace of her walking. She knew her assailant would attack soon and she would be ready.

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