Kronin Thistleknott VS Bilbo Baggins

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Kronin Thistleknott

78 Votes

Race: Kender
Favorite Possession: Purple Pouch
Favorite Adventure: Lord Toede's Disastrous Hunt
Best Friend: Talorin Mudskipper
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: One of Lord Toede's lives
Favorite Quote: "Oh, I do love a good game!"
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: "I'll let you know when I'm done with it."
Favorite color: Purple
Describe where you live: The grand city of Kendermore... before it's decline.

Bilbo Baggins

92 Votes

Race: Hobbit
Favorite Possession: A Hobbit's Tale
Favorite Adventure: There and back again
Best Friend: Gandalf the Grey
Name Something you've borrowed, found or stolen: The One Ring
Favorite Quote: "I am the friend of bears and the guest of eagles. I am Rigwinner and Luckwearer; and I am Barrel-rider."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Why yes, yes it is.
Favorite color: green on yellow, or yellow on green
Describe where you live: In a hole in the ground. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole, it is a hobbit-hole and that means comfort.

“So this is a hobbit hole? It seems like a fascinating place to live. I myself would prefer something a bit less… earthy. Maybe a few more windows would liven up the place. The circular door is rather unusual I’ll give you that. Ok look where did this ring come from?”

Bilbo stammered as he tried to reply to the almost streaming conversation coming from the mouth of the somewhat regal looking individual before him. But at the mention of the ring he stopped stuttering and said, “Give it back now, sir. It is a dear family heirloom and I must have it back. Now I don’t normally invite stranger in for Tea, but Gandalf said that you might be interested the book I was writing and would like to discuss it. So if you don’t mind Mr. Thistle would you be so kind as to hand that ring over.”

Kronin Thistleknott inspected the ring closely and for a minute he felt a strange compulsion to run away with it, but he shook his head and realized that would be stealing, and would also be considered a very rude thing to do as a guest. He happily handed the ring over to the hobbit. “It’s Thistleknott, by the way. But you can just call me Kronin as I’ve told you a couple times already. Thank you for having me again. Oh is this the book?” Kronin said running over tot a table and picking up a large leather bound tome. “Can I borrow it? I’ll bring it back when I’m done with it. Does it have anything to do with dragons? I’ve seen a few of them in my time. What about hobgoblins? I’ve dealt with one too many of them let me tell you. In fact, why don’t I tell you a story and you can write it down for me and we’ll just start another book.”

Bilbo was beside himself. This strange person Gandalf had sent must have been knocked in the head a few too many times. Since he had arrived in Bags End he had picked up every item that was not nailed down and examined it and had been speaking at an uncontrollable rate. Bilbo had faced goblins, trolls, a dragon and the fearsome and pitiful Gollum, but nothing came close to an experience like this. He had to get him out of his house. Unfortunately the prattling Kronin had removed his cloak and shoes and was now warming himself by the fire. Tomorrow was Bilbo’s eleventy first birthday and if he should be found with this stranger staying in his home there would be no end to the rumors and gossip around the Shire. He had to get rid of him now. Bilbo Spiderstinger, Bilbo Barrelrider, Bilbo Ringwinner… began to think of a way to expel Kronin Thistleknott from Bag’s End.

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