Raistlin VS The High God

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Name: Raistlin Majere
Favorite Spell: Lightning Bolt
Arch-Enemy: Asthma
Sidekick: Dalamar
Name Something you've created: A global passion for mages with gold skin and hourglass eyes. Who knew?
Favorite Quote: "Caramon, shut up"
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: If you try more mind tricks on me again Ill rip out your tongue and make you swallow it.
Favorite color: Black
Describe where you live?: The Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. Solitude, but with a heck of a view!

The High God

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Name: The High God
Favorite Spell: Backspace
Arch-Enemy: Writer's Cramp
Sidekick: A senile old man in mouse colored robes.
Name Something you've created: Life, the Universe and Everything
Favorite Quote: "You can die quickly or you can die slowly... but you will die. Oh wait. Did I say die slowly? Just kidding."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: That depends on the critic.
Favorite color: Mouse-grey
Describe where you live?: Somewhere between Chaos and Creation.

The High God of DragonLance looked down upon Krynn and saw that it was good... except for a small black spot. Looking closer he saw a mortal of incredible power defeating every challenge and selling more novels than any other character on Krynn. Frustrated with the magnitude of power this puny human held over his creation the High God stepped down into Krynn and had a word with Raistlin.

"Enough is enough already! I have sat by and watched you wield power as though you are some type of god! And while I am impressed by your power, cunning and marketability I find this unrelenting incessant winning to be quite bland. You overshadow any and all beings you are put up against, and it is ruining the fun for everyone. Where is the challenge? The struggle? The unpredictability? Bah... Let us find out if you feel you have become more than a mere mortal. Let us truly discover if the pen is mightier than the spell. Which magic is greater Raistlin? You're hold over DragonLance Fandom or my ability to erase you from existence?

"I have beaten the Gods before you know," Raistlin whispered. "Plus, I have the backing of Wizards of the Coast and name recognition among fantasy circles of which could only dream of. I can not be beaten. It's just that simple."

”You threaten me with name recognition and wizards? I have taken the so-called "gods" you defeated and put them over my knee a few times. I brought you into this world. I can take you out.”

"Bring it on..." Raistlin says confidently.

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