Elminster VS Gandalf

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Name: Elminster
Favorite Spell: Seduce Mystra
Arch-Enemy: I'm too powerful to have enemies.
Sidekick: The Chosen of Mystra, a.k.a. the Legion of Mortal Godlings.
Name Something you've created: The need for a library devoted to cataloguing all the things I've created.
Favorite Quote: 'When ye've been alive for nigh unto a millenia, ye can use the word 'ye' instead of 'you' all ye want.'
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Half empty? Ah, a twitch of me little finger'll fix that right up.
Favorite color: Eversmoking Grey
Describe where you live?: In a tower in the town of Shadowdale. Of course the inside of my tower is bigger than the town it's in, but ye know how it is when ye're all powerful. Then again, I guess ye don't, eh?


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Name: Gandalf the Grey
Favorite Spell: Light Pipe
Arch-Enemy: Saruman the White
Sidekick: The nearest hobbit
Name Something you've created: The typical wardrobe for all future wizards. Long robes, long beard, pointy hat, smoking pipe.
Favorite Quote: 'Blagruu nohr drukath!" ('Pass the pipeweed' in the language of Mordor.)
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Both, and yet neither.
Favorite color: Grey.
Describe where you live?: I live where adventure takes me. You wouldn't believe how much I save in rent and taxes.

Gandalf leaned heavily on his staff staring into the magical reflecting pool. Puffs of smoke rings chased one another above his head forming a chain before dissipating. He was starring at his reflection. Wondering what it was about it that bothered him. There was something different in the eyes, something foreign. Then his reflection blinked!

Fascinated with the manifestation, Gandalf reaches down to touch the surface of the pool. In a flash of brilliant light the phantasm of the mirror appears in front of him. Elminster looks in confusion at the man before him. Obviously some foul magic was at hand.

"Doppelganger!" the wizards scream in unison and unleash their magic against the other.

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