Raistlin VS Magius

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Name: Raistlin Majere
Favorite Spell: Lightning Bolt
Arch-Enemy: Asthma
Sidekick: Dalamar
Name Something you've created: A global passion for mages with gold skin and hourglass eyes. Who knew?
Favorite Quote: "Caramon, shut up"
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: If you try more mind tricks on me again Ill rip out your tongue and make you swallow it.
Favorite color: Black
Describe where you live?: The Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. Solitude, but with a heck of a view!


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Name: Magius
Favorite Spell: Taunt Knight of Solamnia
Arch-Enemy: Galan Dracos
Sidekick: Huma and his smelly pet minotaur. Kraz, or somesuch.
Name Something you've created: The Staff of Magius. Pity, I hear some upstart is using it now.
Favorite Quote: "Trust me Huma, I know what I'm doing..."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Neither. The glass itself is an illusion.
Favorite color: "White, no black, NO RED!!!!!"
Describe where you live?: It's sort of... well, it's big in a small way... sort of a tower, but sort of underground... in a flat, mountainous marshland... Anyways, it's really fabulous.

In the great Ethereal Sea that swirls round the Dome of Creation the souls of the past, present and future drift and sway in the eddies and currents of time and imagination. They collide with one another creating sparks of new realties that last for seconds or eons. In this sea of souls two of the spirits of the most powerful mages on the face of Krynn are inexplicably drawn to each other, the very force of their natures creating a bizarre reality. A crystal sphere encases them both and they find themselves face to face, one in robes of black, and one in robes of red. Raistlin and Magius draw forth the threads of magic from the cosmos around them, becoming more powerful than they ever could in their mortal lives. Each one raises their arms and unleashes arcane energies towards the other. In this celestial dream, who will be declared the winner?

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