Merlin VS Gandalf

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Name: Merlin
Favorite Spell: Create King
Arch-Enemy: Morgana le Fay
Sidekick: A high king with a magical sword
Name Something you've created: The impression that a court jester with a little slight of hand and some flash powder can become just as famous as his king.
Favorite Quote: "Don't touch that sword. You don't know where it's been!"
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: I forsee in the near future it will be entirely empty. Have any ice?
Favorite color: Royal Purple.
Describe where you live?: In a small home near a crystal lake. There is a certain lady friend I happen to know who lives there...


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Name: Gandalf the Grey
Favorite Spell: Light Pipe
Arch-Enemy: Saruman the White
Sidekick: The nearest hobbit
Name Something you've created: The typical wardrobe for all future wizards. Long robes, long beard, pointy hat, smoking pipe.
Favorite Quote: 'Blagruu nohr drukath!" ('Pass the pipeweed' in the language of Mordor.)
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Both, and yet neither.
Favorite color: Grey.
Describe where you live?: I live where adventure takes me. You wouldn't believe how much I save in rent and taxes.

In an ancient roadside tavern on the outskirts of a world only inhabited by demigods and wizards of incredible power sit two wizened mages, one smoking a pipe and another sipping on a fine elven wine. Each one bragging of their abilities.

"I believe there is no one in all of the world who knoweth more than I of these things of magic which thou hast studied anon. For not only hast I such power of sorcery that I canst make the invisible elements take form at thy will, and not only canst I transform at thy will one thing into the appearance of an altogether different thing, but I hast such potent magic in my possession that I mayst entangle any living soul into the meshes thereof, unless that one hath some very good talisman to defend himself from my wiles. Nay I have very much more power than thou," said Merlin with a knowing grin to the other mage, who listened with a frown upon his face.

"Easy for you to say my good man, much easier I should think," mumbled Gandalf between his teeth as the smoke from his pipe slithered into the form of a dragon that slipped away into the sky. Taking the pipe from his mouth Gandalf turned to Merlin. "Let us have a demonstration of our talents shall we? I should guess that a decent wizards duel could do our old bones some good and the winner buys the loser the next round. What say you to that?"

"Methinks that arrangement is most suitable good sir," Merlin says, standing and walking outside the tavern doors.

With a wink to the crowd inside the tavern Gandalf takes a deep breath and heads outside.

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