Elminster VS Szass Tam

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Name: Elminster
Favorite Spell: Seduce Mystra
Arch-Enemy: I'm too powerful to have enemies.
Sidekick: The Chosen of Mystra, a.k.a. the Legion of Mortal Godlings.
Name Something you've created: The need for a library devoted to cataloguing all the things I've created.
Favorite Quote: 'When ye've been alive for nigh unto a millenia, ye can use the word 'ye' instead of 'you' all ye want.'
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Half empty? Ah, a twitch of me little finger'll fix that right up.
Favorite color: Eversmoking Grey
Describe where you live?: In a tower in the town of Shadowdale. Of course the inside of my tower is bigger than the town it's in, but ye know how it is when ye're all powerful. Then again, I guess ye don't, eh?

Szass Tam

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Name: Szass Tam, Zulkir of Necromancy
Favorite Spell: Endow With Lichdom
Arch-Enemy: Death
Sidekick: Undeath
Name Something you've created: Legions of mindless unliving followers, and unemployment for gravediggers and undertakers.
Favorite Quote: 'It's so hard to find good help these days.'
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Half empty, but who cares? In another thousand years it might be half full.
Favorite color: Blood Red.
Describe where you live?: In a mountain fortress in Thay (towers are for losers like Elminster), surrounded by my countless minions. Sometimes it's hard to get any good thinking done, with them moaning 'Brains! Brains!' all day long, and it's hard getting anyone to deliver pizza here, but at least my problem with solicitors has stopped.

Challenging liches, battling demon princes, closing rifts to the underworld and diverting Tarrasques are all in a days work for a mage like Elminster. "But this may be a bit more of a challenge," he thought to himself looking back at the visage of Szass Tam staring back at him through the glassy surface of a scrying pool. "It seems the rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated."

"More than you can know," Szass Tam snarled. "I have spent many years wandering the planes and in that time I have attained powers beyond that I could ever have attained back in Faerun. My legions of undead were child's play compared to my powers now. Let me demonstrate."

With a flick of the necromancer's wrist Elminster feels himself falling into the depths of the abyss and within seconds is standing before Szass Tam upon a barren rock floating in a sea of fire. Without warning Szass Tam unleashes a torrent of spells at Elminster.

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