Par-Salin VS Magius

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Name: Par-Salian
Favorite Spell: Sleep
Arch-Enemy: Ignorance
Sidekick: Justarius
Name Something you've created: Chaos, after sending a kender back in time.
Favorite Quote: 'So you want to be a wizard?'
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Both.
Favorite color: White
Describe where you live?: The Tower of Wayreth, because low-rent housing is so hard to find.


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Name: Magius
Favorite Spell: Taunt Knight of Solamnia
Arch-Enemy: Galan Dracos
Sidekick: Huma and his smelly pet minotaur. Kraz, or somesuch.
Name Something you've created: The Staff of Magius. Pity, I hear some upstart is using it now.
Favorite Quote: "Trust me Huma, I know what I'm doing..."
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Neither. The glass itself is an illusion.
Favorite color: "White, no black, NO RED!!!!!"
Describe where you live?: It's sort of... well, it's big in a small way... sort of a tower, but sort of underground... in a flat, mountainous marshland... Anyways, it's really fabulous.

Relaxing in his one of the upper chambers of the Tower of Wayreth Par-Salin relaxes with a good book and props his feet upon a beaten, but comfortable footstool. With a flick of his finger the glowing embers of the fireplace bust into flame and he breaths a sigh of relief as the magical fire warms the room.

Unexpectedly appearing from the shadows of the room stumbles forward a tall man in red robes with long flowing hair. Magius took in his surroundings. For some time now he had been battling Galen Draco as the villainous wizard had gained the advantage in the fight and trapped Magius in one illusionary world after the next, each world presenting a new challenge to face. He had defeated those oppnents easy enough and now it looked as if he was to face the next one.

Par-Salin rose from his chair, "What are you doing in here! You could have at least knocked first before barging in. Who are you and why have you come?" Par-Salin asked smoothing his robes and bringing to mind a spell to defend himself if need be.

Magius, tired of the constant battles, simply stated "Let's just get this over with shall we?" and started casting a spell to incapacitate the white robe until he could determine what to do next.

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