Tinker Gnomes VS Transformers

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Tinker Gnomes

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Nicknames: Whizbang, Standback, Eject, Grapple, Ratchet, Wheeljack...
Enemies: Men in hunks of metal casing, that have them building advanced weaponry, known as Dark Knights of Neraka.
Enemy Nickname: 'Menwhoareforcedtowearsuits- ofinferiormetalsandalloys- andlookliketheyarewearing- tinplatedbuckets- ontheirheads'
Hobbies: Building and reparing their inventions
Likes: Gyro-circuitry and mechano-cortex centers
Dislike: Scrambled circuits, electromagnetic waves, debilitating burn-outs, and petrochemical fluids that ignite upon contact.
Favorite Alloy: Dragonmetal
Tools of the Trade: Wrench, hammer, screwdriver, gyroscopic telescoping glass cutter (also known as the shatterstick)
Individual Top Speed: Mach 1.1 (Recorded from within the Moonflinger XII, found 10.7667 miles away)
Offensive Capabilities: Shatterblasters (shoot diamond-hard shards), Multi-directional Catapults with atomic splitting pellets, 10 rounds-per-minute automatic dragonlance launcher.
Defensive Capabilities: Gnomish inginuity, ability to assemble anything and rebuild it within a matter of minutes, and great numbers of gnomes.


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Nicknames: Blades, Chromedome, Eject, Grapple, Ratchet, Wheeljack...
Enemies: Moving hunks of metal casing and advanced weaponry known as the Decepticons.
Enemy Nickname: 'Tinplated bucketheads'
Hobbies: Building and repairing themselves
Likes: Gyro-circuitry and mechano-cortex centers
Dislike: Scrambled circuits, electromagnetic waves, debilitating burn-outs, and petrochemical fluids that ignite upon contact.
Favorie Alloy: Trithyllium-steel alloy impregnated with irradiated carbon fibers
Tools of the Trade: An assortment of laser scalpels, arc-welders, electron microscopes, electrical circuit sensors and fluid dispensers (both lubricating and super-cooled)
Individual Top Speed: Mach 2.8
Offensive Capabilities: 500 rounds-per-minute automatic acid-pellet guns, megavolt pulse cannons, high yield laser rifles
Defensive Capabilities: omni-directional radar screens, high resistance to artillery fire, sonar, radar, and a radiowave detectors.

On the planet Cybertron there existed intelligent robots that could think and feel. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal: total domination. They set out to destroy the peace-loving Autobots and a war between the forces of good and evil raged across Cybertron, devastating all in its path, draining the planets once rich sources of energy.

In an effort to find a new source of energy the Autobots started a search mission into deep space. The Autobots boarded their ship, the Ark, and took off. The Decepticons took off directly after them. Two asteroids collided precisely in front of the Ark forcing the Autobots to use their lasers to cut a way through the meteoroids, the Decepticons follow them on their path. The Decepticon ship attacked and boarded the Ark. A battle started on board and no one is left at the controls. The ships get stuck in gravity of a nearby planet and falls to earth.

The sound of the ships crashing to the ground is enough to alert the gnomes that dwell in a nearby volcano. Thinking that the ships are advanced spelljammers the gnomes rush out to greet their fellow travelers and ask them many questions about their technology. To their surprise huge robotic men emerge from the wreckage. The Decepticons are merciless and begin firing on the gnomes. The Dark Knights of Neraka order the gnomes back to Mount Nevermind to prepare the arsenal of highly experimental weaponry that had recently been created.

Not understanding the difference between Decepticon and Autobots they fire on each. The Transformers are forced to face the gnomes before they can confront each other.

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