Caramon Majere (DL) VS Orson (LW)

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Caramon Majere (DL)

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Caramon is Raistlin's twin brother. He is a strong and muscular warrior who is easy-going and very friendly. He cares deeply about his friends and his family--especially his twin. His courage and trustworthiness is greatly valued by his companions, who often depend on his muscle to help them in battle. Caramon was well liked by everyone, and became a force to be reckoned with, being very good at sword fighting.

In battle Caramon is a powerhouse. He is easily larger than any of the other companions and has gone toe-to-toe against a Half Ogre in hand to hand combat. He is the strongest companion and only feels love for his brother that belittles him.

Orson (LW)

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Orson wields a sword that is probably 6 feet long and it’s too heavy for most men to lift, much less wield. But Orson can hold that great blade to a victims throat without the tip so much a wiggling. His greatest strength lies in the fact that he is possessed by Hyuri, the god of rage and madness. When one of his friends is in trouble his strength grows and he loses all fear of death.

Before he knew Parn and the others he and his long-time friend Shiris were mercenaries. Shiris made the mistake of attacking Parn, Deedlit, Etoh, and Wood on a road outside of a village they were protecting. She made an honest mistake, in her mind she saw a thief, a mercenary, and (mistakenly) a dark elf. Orson had Wood and Etoh pinned to the ground with his sword pointed in their face when he looked up and saw Shiris disarmed with Parn’s sword at her chest. As Parn cleared up the misunderstanding between himself and Shiris, Orson went berserk and came to her aid. He jumped high above Parn and his first downstroke cut a huge hole in the ground. His second cut a 10 foot piece of mountain away. His next swipe would’ve killed Parn if Shiris wouldn’t have stepped in and calmed Orson down.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Caramon: “I wish they’d let us fight in pairs. My brother can’t last very long without me you know. Do you think they’ll feed us after the fight. That guy I’m fighting looks to be about as strong as me. I don’t understand this whole Hyuri thing though. I know, I heard he can cut through a mountain. Do you expect me to believe that? Raist is shivering, I’d better get back to him.”

Orson: He just sits there barely moving his lips and looks calm and cool. “Thankfully I am not fighting on a large field or else my friends could get hurt. He and I do look evenly matched though.” A shiver wracks his body. “Go now, I have to clear my head before the battle. Thinking of my friends being hurt does something to me.”

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