Laurana Kanan (DL) VS Deedit (LW)

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Laurana Kanan (DL)

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Laurana, the youngest child of the Speaker of the Suns, was childhood friend to Tanis Half-Elven. She joined the companions after they were rescued by elven Wildrunners.

She was forced to grow up very quickly during the War of the Lance when she left her people to be with Tanis. Later, she became a general at the High Clerist's Tower and became a hero when she led the Knights of Solamnia against the forces of evil. Laurana became known as the Golden General. As the Golden General Laurana commanded the respect of the entire city of Palanthas.

Deedit (LW)

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If one were to say that beauty was a weapon, Deedlit would have the firepower of a gnomish siege engine. But, she has no idea that this power is in her so she must rely on other weapons. She wield a thin sword with great efficiency but her magic is more powerful. She has command over the elements and she calls upon them to help her defend herself and her companions.

When the heroes were fighting Shooting Star (The Demon dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain) the battle seemed impossible. Calling upon Sylph, the spirit of wind she bound the dragon so her friends could get close enough to make use of the Lances of Myrii.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Laurana: “Wow, this Deedlit is a beautiful person! I must beat her or Tanis might decide to start loving her more than me. Yes, that’s it! If I can prove myself to be a warrior then maybe Tanis will love me. Look, he’s crying again because he’s afraid he’ll lose me when I go into battle. I’ll show him!”

Deedlit: “Hah, an elven princess that grew up in a palace. She’s no match for me. She’s half my age. Sure is a pretty little thing though, it’s going to be a shame to kill her. Maybe I don’t have to kill her. Maybe if I just subdue her with a couple of spells. Yes, if I can subdue her without killing Parn will look at me in a whole different light.”

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