Sturm Brightblade (DL) VS Ashram (LW)

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Sturm Brightblade (DL)

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Sturm is the classic hero--honorable, noble, and courageous. His father was a Knight of Solamnia. Sturm followed in his father's footsteps and tried to become a knight himself. Sturm is a very melancholy person, sad and brooding. He lives by the Code and the Measure, which the Knights of Solamnia are sworn to uphold. His inner strength is respected, if not misunderstood, by the companions.

Sturm is not known for greatness in battle, but he is a string fighter. What he is known for is his strength of will and honor.

Ashram (LW)

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The Black Knight. Probably the greatest fighter in all of Lodoss. His skill with a sword is second to none. His mind is sharper than the demon sword that he wields. As a general all of his battles were successful and it looked as though he could’ve conquered all of Lodoss. He is scared of NOTHING though he does know his own limitations and will not die needlessly by taking on something he knows could defeat him.

He’s always on his toes too. When he was surveying the remains of the fortress Myce, a 400 year old witch magically threw an entire soldier at him from behind. The dead man was run through with a spear and the tip was aimed right at Ashrams back. In a split second he drew his sword, shifted his position, and cut the body in two. He has defeated Parn on many occasions but something always got in the way of a killing stroke.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Sturm: “I am thankful I get a chance to fight a man as honorable as myself even though he is evil. This man even has the skills that will put me to the test. Did you know that he cut a man in two pieces with just one swing? I pray that he will give me a challenge.”

Ashram: “It seems to me that this is a man who does not know his limitations. He is too proud of himself and his beliefs. Just because he has a view that good will always triumph over evil does not mean that he can defeat me. He says he wants a challenge? Very well, I will fight him in honorable combat. He should not however, get his hopes up. I know full well what I am capable of and I, unlike him know my limitations and do not strive for perfection.”

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