Goldmoon (DL) VS Etoh (LW)

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Goldmoon (DL)

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Goldmoon was the first true cleric following the Cataclysm. Her faith has saved her life as well as the lives of her companions many times. She is a princess of the Que-Shu tribe of plainsmen. Her power lies in her faith and she is one of the first and most powerful clerics of all time. She joined the companions with her lover Riverwind.

With the blue crystal staff of Mishakal Goldmoon is a powerful force. Her faith ha sustained her through many tragedies and has help heal the hearts of the Heroes of the Lance. Goldmoon is pure of heart and gentle. As a princess, however, she is accustomed to being obeyed.

Etoh (LW)

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Etoh is quite new in his faith and there are a lot of clerics who won’t touch a weapon of any kind. Etoh is not one of those clerics. His mace, while small and seemingly insignificant packs a helluva wallop. His true strength, like most clerics, resides in his faith. When it gets down to the wire he calls upon his god Falis to grant his mace with power. He can also heal his friends when they are injured.

Under the dark island of Marmo he and Parn encountered a ghostly demon. Parn knew his sword was no good against this monster but he wanted to defend his childhood friend. Etoh waved Parn away and as he screamed, “By the glory of Falis” he drove back the monstrosity and eventually defeated it.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Etoh and Goldmoon: They have refused to give comment due to the fact that they are protesting needless violence.

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