Raistlin Majere (DL) VS Slayn (LW)

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Raistlin Majere (DL)

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Born shortly after his twin, Caramon, Raistlin was always a sickly child. Disliked by most other children of Solace, Raistlin was a loner, preferring magic to swordplay. He was enrolled in a magical school and there became the youngest wizard to ever take the Test. The wounds he received there—golden skin and hourglass eyes—have affected him tremendously.

Raistlin is bitter and cynical. He keeps to himself and only remains with the companions out of a physical need of his brother Caramon's support. This need angers him greatly. Despite this he has great magical ability. He has a magical ability that is rare and is far advanced above other his age. In battle, Raistlin is cold and calculating and can be difficult to overcome.

Slayn (LW)

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While his spells aren’t exactly flashy, they do work well. His defensive spells are second to none and there has never been a time when they failed him. His offensive spells are almost always coupled with a defensive shield. He is also very adept at temporarily endowing a weapon with magical properties.

Parn looked like he was about to be cut to ribbons by a hobgoblin and Ghim was ready to jump into the fray when he felt a hand on his shoulder. As Parn looked into the sharp end of a sword he though certainly that it was going to be the end. Suddenly a voice erupted inside of his head, “Point your sword towards the heavens.” When Parn grabbed his sword there were glowing runes running up the blade. When the runes finished inscribing themselves they burst into a brilliant light and the hobgoblin was blinded. Parn heard the voice of Slayn again, “Quickly now, your sword.” And Parn thrust his sword through the hobgoblin with unnatural strength.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Raistlin: Sips his tea and coughs a little. “If only I could be left in peace to study I may have a better chance. But no, some people have to stick some kind of cloth covered stick in my face. Do you not understand sarcasm? Let me speak plainly… leave or I’ll fry you like a kender tied to metal pole in a lightning storm.” Jimmy runs away screaming.

Slayn: “Now we will find out if Ghim were right. I had many more books to study and my powers were not yet what they could be. A strange power burns in this young man I must face. I am quite certain that my magic is stronger than his but there is more beneath that red robe of his than even he knows. If I don’t defeat him he could become all too powerful. Yes, I see the ambition burning in his eyes.”

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