Tasslehoff Burrfoot (DL) VS Woodchuck (LW)

This Rumble ended on 2002-02-22 00:00:00.0.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot (DL)

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Tas is a kender through and through. He is an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous wanderer that became a permanent part of the Heroes of the Lance when he "borrowed" something from Flint Fireforge at a fair in Solace. He is the groups scout and information gatherer (whether they want one or not). He can find his way into almost anything, and usually does.

Tas is a master of the Hoopak, a kender weapon that is similar to a staff-sling in appearance. On one adventure he discovered a dagger which Caramon named Rabbit Slayer. This dagger has proven to work remarkably well, even against Chaos, the father of the Gods. Tas is highly skilled with the hoopak and daggers, but he also has the advantage of the kender taunt which causes his opponent to attack wildly giving Tas the edge in a fight.

Woodchuck (LW)

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Wood is a thief who is never at a loss for something clever to say or do. A dagger or two and he’s ready for battle. He can throw his dagger with great accuracy and can fight in close quarters with the same efficiency. Typical of a thief, he’d rather run away from a fight but as he becomes closer to the members of his group he’d rather die than run.

While Ghim was dangling from the skull of a green dragon Wood was holding Slayn as he was tired from spell casting. Ghim dropped in front of the dragons jaws and it looked like the end for poor old Ghim. Without a word, Wood got up, drew his dagger and threw with perfect aim. His dagger buried itself up to hilt in the dragons eye and that distracted the dragon enough to allow Parn to deal a lethal strike.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Tas: “Oh my, was that yours? You must’ve dropped it. What do you mean, ‘Can you ask me a few questions?’ You just asked me a question so I suppose that means you can. My thoughts? I was just thinking of how my Uncle Trapspringer got into this same situation. See, it seems as though he was running out of some jewelry shop and… oh, will you look at that! You know, if I wasn’t around you’d lose the shirt off your back! Well how did that happen? Amazing, I’ll have to ask Raistlin if I have magical powers. I just mentioned that you may lose your shirt and look, it came right off. Why is it in my pouch? Funny thing this pouch, see my Uncle Trapspringer…” follows Jimmy off rambling on about a kender pouch of shirtnapping.

Woodchuck: Spits, “Why is that thing following you around? Why don’t you go talk to your golden skinned buddy over there? He was just waving for you to come over, yeah. Wow, is he annoying. What? What’s a wallet? Oh this thing? Well lookie there, you must’ve dropped it. Good thing I was here to find it for ya or some unsavory character might have stolen it. Heh heh. Hey, what’s that over there?” He runs away from Orion.

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