Tanthalas 'Tanis' Half-Elven (DL) VS Parn (LW)

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Tanthalas 'Tanis' Half-Elven (DL)

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Tanthalas Half-Elven, known as Tanis among is friends, is the reluctant leader of the Heroes of the Lance. Internally he struggles with conflicts of being half human and half elven. But is wisdom, quick thinking, and leadership-skills make him a natural leader. One that lead the Heroes of the Lance to victory against the armies of the Dark Queen. With Tanis even getting close enough to grab the Crown of Power from the most powerful Dragon Highlords head.

Tanis is quick with a blade and a skilled fighter. He is also a good shot with a bow. He is at home in both woddlands and city settings as he was raised in Qualinost and then lived in Solace for many years assisting Flint Fireorge on his trading missions. He is well traveled and experienced and can usually think his way out of any situation.

Parn (LW)

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While Parn is admittedly a very young man and his skills aren’t quite up to par with some of his elders he is living proof that sometimes skill isn’t quite everything. When Parn either sees one of his companions in trouble or he gets frustrated he goes into a near berserker-like rage. Combine that with a little natural talent and some luck and you have a recipe to make one heck of a fighter.

Before Parn even donned his armor he fought against a hobgoblin with extreme skill. He started to get cut up pretty bad but suddenly without warning the hobgoblin found himself losing ground. Parn started to come back with a furious attack. However, at the time Parn knew very little about how to wield a sword efficiently and he began to lose the fight once more. Without help from Slayn he may well have been defeated. However, that was long ago and Parn has since picked up a lot of skill through training and some good old fashioned battles.

Pre-Battle Comments by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

Tanis: “Well, it’s obvious what’s going to happen. This Parn character is obviously less experienced than I am. He may be skilled but that has nothing to do with fighting. No one said we have to kill our opponent. I won’t even have to draw my sword! I have been granted the ability to negotiate and reason and therefore I will talk him into submission. But what willl I talk to him about? Hmmm, well he has no idea”, Tanis’s eyes fill with tears, “what it’s like to have your heart and blood torn in two. Certainly he will understand that there is no reason to fight when there is no reason to live.” He starts mumbling and sobbing to himself about Kit and Laurana.

Parn: “What? A half-elf? I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing. No matter, the gods of Lodoss know that my father was a just and honorable man and if I can just beat this half-man I can restore the honor that has been lost by my father.”

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