Kencyclopedia Creatures

Kender are fascinated by monsters and animals, magical and non-magical. They have a curiosity that drives them to get a closer look at dangerous and rare creatures. Most have a sort of soft spot for the bizarre or shunned creatures, preferring to believe that the creature is not evil, just misunderstood (that is until it nearly kills them).

It's customary for kender mothers to tell young kenderkin about the monsters hiding under their bed and lurking in the closet, just waiting to jump out and gobble them up. The little ones get such a thrill and the mothers tell them that if they are very quite the monster will surely jump out for them to see. How else did you think they would get them to sleep?

Kender creatures come in a wide variety. They are anything animal or creature related to kender. Such as kender pets or kender half breeds or even creatures that resemble or act like kender. So look around if your interested for a small listing of some of the kender creatures I collected or heard about over the years.

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