Kender Pouch of the Red Dragon
donated by Dini Dandyhunt

It's a simple black pouch of holding with the word "Oops" writen in common on the outside.

History: This is a real story you see I was wandering around one day in this realy neat human village when all of a sudden people start yelling Theif and pointing at me well the town guards grabed me and emptied out my beltpouch. I was shocked to find I had a lot of realy cool things in it that I dident have when I entered town. I tryed to explane that thease items must be magical to have just jumped into his pouch but thay dident beleave me. so thay took all my realy neato items and decided to toss me into a nearby red dragons cave and well seeing as I had never aculy got to meet a red dragon I decided to go along with it. well thay tossed him in and he got to meet my first red dragon and Boy did he look unhappy (I Think he had indagestion) well the dragon and I had a nice long talk and I managed to convince him to climb into my now empty pouch along with his entire horde for safekeeping (he was afraid that Some one would steal it) and let me tell you it was a tight fit but we managed to fit him and his entire horde well after that i decided to return home to tell my family to avoid that town because thay seemed to not realize the magical qualitys of there items and would call them a thief but when i got there my new pouch seemed to have vanished. maby the lovly kendermaid borrowed it?

How it Works: When opened, a large and very disturbed red dragon will pop his head out and look around if it spots a kender. Then it will scream in fear and pull its head back in if no kender are around. Then it will promptly say "Hide me" before diving back into the pouch.

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