Kender Bag 'O' Stuff
donated by Bill

A normal black bag made of soft leather with a golden drawstring. It has 3 interconnected runic characters (non-magical) on the ourside which are the maker's mark of the Wizard who created it.

History: It was an accident. A powerful mage who was commissioned by another mage to create a unique bag of holding, got one of the components wrong and ended up with a Bag of Holding that functioned like a back door to other Bags of Holding.

How it Works: It functions as a normal Bag of Holding but with one difference. Whatever the person reaching into the Bag wants, they get, but only if there is another Bg of Holding within 100 miles of the Kender's Bag 'O' Stuff. The more people around the Kender, who also have Bags of Holding, the greater the chance that the Kender will get what he/she wants from the Bag 'O' Stuff. The dimensional plane that a normal Bag of Holding is linked to, is intruded upon by the Kender Bag 'O' Stuff allowing the Kender to grab things from the Bags of Holding which belong to other party members or people within 100 miles of the Kender with this magic item.

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