Kender Pouch Of Infinity
donated by Jastom Mereel

The Kender Pouch Of Infinity, or KPI, looks like an ordinary
leather pouch. It is about the size of a potato sack, and has
a silken drawstring. The leather has been water-proofed, and
is impervious to harm.

History: The KPI was made during the Age of Dreams, by a Cleric of
Hiddukel. It was originally designed for storing money that
was ill-gotten, but eventually was lost, and later resurfaced
in 284 P.C., in Kendermore, by a kender named named Marcus Furrfoot (big
suprise, huh?).
The KPI has passed many hands since then, most of them kender.
For a time, Tasslehoff Burrfoot owned the pouch, but "lost" it
on a trip to Hylo.

How it Works: The Pouch Of Infinity is a magical pouch that will hold an
infinite number of items. When the owner wants something, he
just thinks about it, and reaches into the bag. Presto! The item
is there. No one really knows how many items are in the KPI,
but it is a good guess that anything you wish for will be in
the pouch.

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