The Wonderful Bag of Tricks
donated by Toten Branchbender

The Wonderful Bag of Tricks looks like a small, unassuming sack of bright blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, etc. colors. Despite its odd appearance, no one seems to notice it.

History: I found it one day. Honestly it was just sitting there by the river bank. well any ways, I picked it up then this nice man sat down next to me and told me it was his but that if I shared some bread with him that I could have it and since I'm no thief and I believe that all things should be legitimately purchased, unless they are found laying around, I of course shared my bread to obtain a new pouch.

How it Works: The oddest thing, when ever I put my hand in there is nothing, but when an angry merchant fails to comprehend that I was only cleaning the bracelet I put my hand in the bag to find some item such as a smoke stick or flash powder that distracts him so I can take my leave. The Wonderful Bag of Tricks produces escape items/slight of hand tricks at random. Choose the type of item you want then roll a d10, the higher the roll the more effective the item.

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