the Kender Pouch of Beasties
donated by Solstice Bramblebug

Looks like an ordinary blue pouch (fuzzy and velvetlike) with black silk drawstrings. Fits in the average pocket, no matter how full.

History: Made by myself, Thornn Bramblebug, to contain Gertrude the Brightly Coloured Lizard and her travelling companions.

How it Works: The pouch automatically shrinks it's contents down quite a bit (enough to fit into a pocket in my mage-robes). It is never really full and will only carry living things of a non-kenderish, humanish, minotaur-elf-or- anything-else-ish nature. The pouch *will not* let the Beasties so contained out until I say so. The animals are not harmed. In fact, I'm told that they prefer it to most other modes of transportation. *WARNING*. The only pouch like this is mine. Accept no imitations. Also, the pouch *will not* hold dragons. It's allergic.

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