The Kender bag of feed
donated by Flop Twinkletoes

It is a small forest green leather pouch with a lavender drawstring. It is decorated with beads sewn on in the shape of hoopaks on four sides and a strange blue dot on the bottom that smells like ginger.

History: Who made it is unknown but Flop found it in an old gray box (The box was airtight and had washed up on the shores of the White Rage River) along with some other things she will donate later.

How it Works: This pouch can have two things in it, depending on which one is needed. If a kender(It can only be used by a kender)is lost(or has been kicked out of an inn)and hungry, this bag will be full of bread chunks until the kender is full. If the kender is in this same position and is also thirsty(or only thirsty), it will has one or two viles of water in there.

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