Dreamer's Wonderful Bag of Painting
donated by Dreamer Jingleheim

This is a burlap sack I found. It's about the size of Santa Claus's sack. It's reeally tough, too. I poked it and prodded it and everything, and I even kept a hedgehog in it for a while, but it wouldn't break! (Sonic wasn't too thrilled with that...) Not even a scratch!

History: I don't know exactly where it came from, but this mage named Jacko or something had it tied to his belt when I first saw it. It slipped off and fell onto the ground and I thought "well, if he's that careless, I better hold onto that for him." Sadly enough, I forgot to give it back.

How it Works: What's reeeeeeally cool is what happens when you put something in! When you pull it out, it's a different color than when you put it in! Sonic came out blue, and my hoopak came out green, and my friend Wenston came out plaid....

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