The Pouch of Emptyness
donated by Kipper Snifferdoo

he pouch looks like and ordinary leather pouch. And it always seems to be full.

History: (Some people say that it was created by a unscrupulous magician merchant that would give one away with every purchase and when his customer placed the items in the bag it would return to the magician to sell again to the next customer, but this has never been proven.)

How it Works: This magical pouch is known as a cursed item among kender and a blessed item to everyone else on Krynn. Any object placed within the pouch will disappear and reappear back in the original place it was picked up from. Most kender will find many items and continue to stuff them into this pouch, but once they get a chance to sit down and sort out their "findings" they discover that the pouch is empty. All the items have returned to their original owners.

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