The Light Giving Pouch
donated by Bendrig Mapmaker

Looks like a well made small belt pouch, about the size of an average money pouch of red leather, sewn with a green thread. It has a mage's rune on it, also green.

History: The mage O'keogh will make this pouch (time-traveling, to complicated to explain) as a lightweight replacement for a lantern. He intended to keep his spell components in it. But some of the spells used to create it backfired. Now the pouch randomly gives light, it can't remember a command word. Having no use for an item that proved to be an annoyance on occasions, he gave it away.

How it Works: Tthe pouch doesn't recognize any set command word, it has a 50% chance to react on any word of gibberish. But as any word in another language then common is gibberish for the pouch... take a stroll in an elven or dwarven town and you're acting as christmas lighting. On off on off on off... It gives of light equal in radius and strength to a continual light spell.

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